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NEW! The Empty Torah

ISBN: 978-1-988947-04-4 Marc Michaels © 2018  (Paperback and PDF)

The leaders of the Jewish community of Syracuse have a cunning plan. But when it backfires, it could spell doom and disaster for all the Jews in the kingdom. Will the evil Marcos get his way or will Ephraim the shamash save the day? And who is the mysterious glowing stranger standing at the foot of Ephraim’s bed? Find out in 'The Empty Torah'. A modern re-telling of Megillat Saragosanus, commemorating the Purim of Syracuse. To see work in progress examples of how the illustrations came to be go to the facebook album.

NEW! Ghostwalk and Other Poems 

ISBN: 978-1-988947-02-2 Jonathan Magonet © 2018  (Paperback and PDF)

Through this anthology of a life-time's poems, some songs, photos and a few sketches, Jonathan Magonet reflects on the stages of his journeys from medical doctor to rabbi professor, from post-war Germany to Jerusalem during the Six-Day War, from musical friendships and performances to immersion in the culture of Japan: on a quest to find his own unique voice.

The Torah in the Wardrobe

ISBN: 978-1-988947-00-6 Marc Michaels © 2017  (Paperback and PDF)

Written in 1790, the Alexander Torah has been passed down from generation to generation. Escaping the flames of Kristalnacht, this special Torah, full of rare scribal practices, has been rescued once more by Sofer STa”M (scribe) Marc Michaels (Mordechai Pinchas). He chronicles both its travels from Thälmassing to Belsize Square and its careful restoration. Jam-packed with photos of its history, restoration and its rare special decorated letters in the tradition of Sefer Tagin. Learn a little more about the Alexander Torah from two special videos on http://www.sofer.co.uk/repairs


Sefer Binsoa

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-7-9 Marc Michaels © 2010 (Paperback and PDF)

In the majority of Torah scrolls Bamidbar l0:35-36 is encased between two critical marks, each taking the form of an inverted nun.

Sofer STa”M  Marc Michaels examines this unique visual midrash and provides a commentary that explains why Sefer Binsoa should be
considered important and what lessons it might hold for us today.

Megillat B’ney Chashmonay (The Scroll of the Hasmonean Sons)

ISBN: 978-0-9880539-0-8 Marc Michaels © 2013 (Paperback and PDF)

There isn’t a scroll read on Chanukah but perhaps there should be? Sofer STa”M  Marc Michaels has gathered over twenty handwritten and printed manuscripts from the 13th Century onwards for this traditional text for Chanukah that used to be read in Italian, Yemenite and other synagogues.   

Examining the variant Hebrew and Aramaic texts,  he has created a new tikkun kor’im fully pointed with vowels and trope and a new tikkun sofrim with visual midrashim to add extra depth to the text. A new translation into English with explanatory notes is accompanied by a new commentary on the text - Or LiM’norah in the style of the biblical commentators. Includes two ‘missing’ verses found in the oldest Aramaic manuscripts but expunged from later Hebrew ones.
Restoring the Tyburn Megillah

ISBN 978-0-9810947-7-9 Marc Michaels © 2013
Paperback and PDF)

Jewish scribes don’t often encounter Roman Catholic nuns.

 In a truly interfaith endeavour Sofer STa”M Mordechai Pinchas (Marc Michaels) chronicles the restoration of a several hundred year old manuscript of the book of Esther belonging to the nuns of the Tyburn Convent near Hyde Park. Also read more about the story and see two vidoes - including the BBC World Service radio article at http://www.sofer.co.uk/diary-45
Megillat HaY’shuah (The Salvation Scroll of the Yemenite Jews)

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-9-3 Marc Michaels © 2008 (Paperback, epub and PDF)

The salvation scroll of the Yemenite Jews tells a parable of the dangers of the time to the
Jewish population of Yemen and how Rabbi Shalom saves the day!
 Tikkun Megillat Hashoah

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-1-7 Marc Michaels © 2008 (

Authorised by the Schechter Institute and the Rabbinic Assembly, this is the Tikkun (copyist’s guide) for the Megillat Hashoah (Holocaust scroll). It contains the full unpointed text in full colour hand-written STa”M. It also supplies explanations of the various visual midrashim and information about how the scroll came to be written and the importance of this new piece of liturgy.
Care of Your Torah - A Guide

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-2-4 Marc Michaels © 2008 (Paperback, epub and PDF)

A short 19 page guide written by a Sofer STa”M (scribe) to help Synagogues care for their Torah scrolls.
With lots of useful tips and photographs showing many examples of what can make a Torah pasul (not kosher).


Tam (Simple)

ISBN 978-0-9880539-7-7 Marc Michaels © 2017 (Paperback and PDF)


King David has left us a person specification that we would be well served to adopt in today’s business world where, sadly, ethics can be somewhat lacking. In five short verses and a mere fifty-four words the character traits that are described, show those who engage in business the appropriate way to undertake that business. Marketer and scribe, Marc Michaels follows along David’s Way to unlock the business lessons for today from Psalm 15. Business ethics for today - lessons from the Psalms of yesterday.

Thoroughly Modern Moses

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-4-8 Marc Michaels © 2009 (Hardback, paperback, epub and PDF)

Joseph Rosenberg, not so eminent Jewish scientist and time-traveller came to Earth with a bump and was
surprised, nay shocked, to learn that he had landed on one of the most famous people in the history of history itself ... Moses the Lawgiver.
Ordered to replace Moses by the Lord God Almighty, Supreme Being of the Universe and all round Nice-Guy, Mr. Rosenberg
embarks on an adventure of biblical proportions. Will he survive? Will there be tea and cake? A science-fiction biblical comedy.
Hitch-Hikers meets the Bible - enjoy! (Contains over 300 pages of laughter).


ISBN: 978-0-9810947-6-2 Marc Michaels © 2009 (Paperback and PDF)

An analysis of the biblical commandment to support the poor with particular reference to the Tannaitic interpretation in Sifre to D’varim 15:7-11. Discover how the ancient rabbis applied the Torah law to their own time and what lessons we might learn today about how best to ... GIVE! (169 pages with illustrations)
The East London Synagogue - Outpost of Another World

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-3-1 Marc Michaels © 2008 (Paperback, epub and PDF)

A short history of the early days of the East London Synagogue, Rectory Square, and an examination of how it came to be established in 1877. Described by the Revd. Joseph Stern as ‘a rallying point in this locality’ what was the intended role for this ‘outpost of another world’? Did it succeed? An examination of the historical documents together with rare photos taken shortly before the closure of the building, and from other sources.
Shirat Ha-Olam - The Song of theWorld 

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-0-0 Marc Michaels © 2009 (Paperback and PDF)

Pictures from nature and around the world; words from the Torah, Prophets and Writings.
Seventy digitally unaltered photographs matched to an appropriate biblical verse - each with its own story, told in this inspirational book.
A feast for the eyes and the mind (149 pages set in a special sofrut inspired font and Palantino).
 Tales from the Rabbi’s Desk Vol. 1

ISBN: 978-0-9880539-2-2 Rabbi Walter Rothschild © 2015 (Paperback, epub and PDF)

“As a Rabbi I had been taught always to look behind a story, to see what is hiding  in the spaces between the letters and between the lines... to be aware of other dimensions. To be sensitive, like Elijah the prophet, to still,  small voices.”

Rabbi Walter Rothschild brings us a collection of stories, some fiction, some based on fact that give an insight into the rich tapestry of human lives that he and his colleagues have touched.
Tales from the Rabbi’s Desk Vol. 2

ISBN: 978-0-9880539-5-3 Rabbi Walter Rothschild © 2016 (Paperback, epub and PDF)

“What does a Rabbi DO? The traditional response is that he is invisible for six days of the week and inaudible on the seventh.  But over three decades as a pastoral congregational rabbi in a variety of countries and contexts means that one accumulates a lot of stray thoughts and memories that just cry out to be written down - but carefully.  Very carefully.” Rabbi Walter Rothschild presents a second selection of his ‘Tales’, based on his own experience and those of his colleagues, all working at that invisible interface between the Human and the Divine.


The Dot on the Ot

PDF FOR FREE DOWNLOAD Marc Michaels © 2016

A tribute in the style of the wonderful ‘Cat in the Hat’, the 'Dot on the Ot' teaches about the famous dots on the letters that occur in the Sefer Torah. It has been created by Mordechai Pinchas HaSofer (aka Marc Michaels), Sofer STa”M (scribe) for adults and children alike in loving memory of his wonderful nephew Nadav Ezra z"l. It is not intended for sale or profit.
The E-Fuzzy

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-5-5 Marc Michaels © 2017 (Paperback, epub and PDF through lulu.com).
Also available through Paperback and Kindle edition.

Too much screen time can be a bad thing for everyone! Will Popplethewaite ever understand why the children playing are so happy? Will the children rescue their Warm Fuzzy from his clutches? Or will they spend too much time staring at their E-Fuzzies to care? Find out in the 'The E-FUZZY'.

A sequel to the excellent ‘Original Warm Fuzzy Tale’ by Claude M. Steiner. Written with kind permission of the original author.
A cautionary TALE FOR EVERYONE. Illustrated throughout.
Find out more about how the E-Fuzzy came to be written and see some of the illustrations and how they developed over time at http://www.efuzzy.uk/
 Mordy Potter and the Philosopher’s Bagel

PDF FOR FREE DOWNLOAD Marc Michaels © 2017

A Purim shpiel to delight young and old,very very loosely based on the Harry Potter books and films with a healthy dose of Jewish fun thrown in for good measure. With cast and props and stage directions, a ready made playlet written by Sofer STa”M Marc Michaels for you to adapt for your synagogue’s Purim celebrations. A free download not for sale from Kulmus Publishing.


Women Rabbis in the Pulpit - A collection of Sermons

ISBN: 978-0-9880539-3-9 Editors: Rabbi Dr Barbara Borts & Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah © 2015 (Paperback, epub and PDF)

Women Rabbis in the Pulpit - A collection of sermons marks the  80th anniversary of the ordination of the first woman Rabbi, Rabbi Regina Jonas,
and the 40th anniversary of the ordination of Rabbi Jackie Tabick, the first woman in Britain and Europe  ordained as a Rabbi after the Shoah.
With contributions from 46 progressive women Rabbis in Britain and Europe, this landmark publication captures the words of ‘Women Rabbis in the Pulpit’ through their diverse sermons and brings their voices to a wider audience.

Sermons cover topics under the headings Living a Jewish Life, Being Human, God and Spirituality, Responses and Responsibility to the World,
Feminism and Gender and Life and Loss. 
Welcome to the Cavalcade

A Festschrift in honour of Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet. Edited by Rabbi Howard Cooper,
Rabbi Colin Eimer and Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah - Various Contributors © 2013 (Hardback, paperback and PDF)

A celebration by his rabbinic and academic colleagues of Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet’s unique contribution to the Jewish and wider world. On the occasion of his 70th birthday, these essays – by Jews, Christians and Muslims – reflect Jonathan’s love of  Bible and special approach to biblical exegesis, his innovations in liturgy, his creativity in poetry and song, his commitment to interfaith explorations, and the ways in which he has fostered individual and original voices who have added to the richness and complexity of religious life today.
 Festschrift for Rabbi Maurice Michaels

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-8-6 Edited by Marc Michaels © 2011 (Hardback, paperback and PDF)

A collection of essays on Jewish themes to mark the occasion of Rabbi Maurice Michaels’ 70th birthday written by many of his rabbinical colleagues with articles from: Rabbi Tony Bayfield, Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, Rabbi Amanda Golby, Rabbi David Meyer, Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, Rabbi Jonathan Romain, Rabbi Sybil Sheridan, Rabbi Professor Marc Saperstein, Rabbi Danny Smith, Rabbi Jackie Tabick, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Marc Michaels Sofer STa”M and Rabbi Maurice Michaels.

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